Bluetec electrical van

About Us

Jordan and I have always wanted to live for the moment and make sure we don’t miss out on the chance to do something we might regret not doing in our future. Back in June we went to a Coldplay gig in London. It was an amazing gig and held special memories for us, however it also came with a massive hangover. We wandered down to Camden market the next day, it was so hot and we needed to quench our thirst.

We saw a Frozen Yogurt van and I said to Jordan oh this will do nicely. It was delicious, natural frozen yogurt covered with white chocolate flakes and drizzled in a freshly made raspberry coolie.

After London we jetted of on our holidays to Portugal. A few weeks past, it wasn’t until we sat back and thought about what we had in London that gave us that push and inspiration to get out there, find a trailer and start our own Frozen Yogurt trailer in Fife. Something we think Fife needs, we want to promote healthy eating and this is the healthy alternative to ice cream, we also want to do frozen yogurt smoothies along with teas and coffees.

So on 12th August 2016 we started our real journey by driving down to Cheshire to collect our trailer. We put our own personal touch on it before we launched it however we both seen the potential and our excitement was too much! We bought it from a couple who have now expanded their business so they wanted to get rid of the trailer as they now have a Frozen Yogurt vintage van. It was Jordan who inquired to them rather than buying a trailer with no machines in it this was the perfect one for us and had already been used to sell the product of Frozen Yogurt. As a starter business in this industry it is perfect for us.

Bluetec electrical van